First Session

The various members of the group met at a tavern in Waterdeep, with the intent of seeking adventure the following morning at The Yawning Portal. Early the next day, an earthquake shook the town and mayhem broke out. Rioting and looting began quickly as town guards rushed to restore order. The adventurers decided to group together for safety and make their way to The Yawning Portal. On the way, they were set upon by a group of commoners, whom they swiftly defeated. A large group of guards saw the adventurers and gave chase. At that moment, a mysterious lady appeared and called to the group to follow her.

The group followed her into a basement where they hid for some time until the guards gave up looking. The lady made the group an offer for adventure to follow her into some underground tunnels to a secret entrance into Undermountain where she wished to study and make academic reports, as well as recover historical items. She offered the party loot gained along the way. With no other way into Undermountain, the party agreed to accompany the lady.

The party rested that night, then entered stealthily through a sewer into the underground. Following a narrow path along the side of the current of sewage, the party walked north. At a crossing, the party was attacked by a bat swarm, but quickly defeated it. Shortly after a second crossing, the party was attacked by two beholderkin. After a long fight, the party killed one beholderkin and the other floated away.

The party resumed its trek, and was told by the lady who hired them that there was a secret door nearby. After locating the door by the symbol inscribed on it, the party found a tunnel down with a ladder built in. It was approximately 200 feet to the bottom. After securing the first room, the party made their way out into a hallway. There were doors at various places in the hall. The party went to breach a door, but heard a sound from inside the room across the hall. The party instead breached this door and found three Kenku, whom they caught unaware. Two were killed, and the third was rendered unconcious and tied up.

Upon entering the other room, the party was surprised by a worm-like construct with a human skull-shaped head. After a long fight, the party defeated the construct. The room seemed to be an old library, but the books appeared worthless and mostly destroyed by vandalism or time. The party found an empty room, then another door with a medium-length hallway inside, with three more doors. More Kenku were in the first door. The party fought this group at the doorway, with very little room. More Kenku attempted to enter the hall from the next door down, but were blocked in by party members.

The noise drew out more Kenku from the third door at the end of the hall who tried to shoot party memebers with bows. This battle went on for some time.



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